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  1. Jane Read

    Good Morning,

    I have a business here in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands and am interested in distribution of the product. What would be my best course of action to achieve this?

    Best Regards
    Jane Read

  2. vicky dickons

    hello i ordered Rox a good few weeks ago and the payment went out the beginning of this month and i haven’t received my order yet, i was wondering if you be able to tell me when i would expect my order please. Thanks

  3. Mrs. R.M Canham

    I show an advert on TV only once ref: applyind this Rox liquid cread on to the eyes and the deep rinkles desapear for tenhours. I could no get the number but I have been trying to get it and cannot, I believe it was special price of £1.27 or so. Please help me to look younger in ocasions. I am 73 coming for 74 on the 9th of Yanuary and really I would love to look younger as I am still alone.

  4. Mrs Carol Lando

    LOVE the product and will reorder. Please do NOT add my name and address to marketing lists. Your confirmation would be appreciated.

  5. Lynn

    I ordered rox under eye cream in between Christmas and new year payment went through, when am I to receive the product?

  6. Kirsty


    I ordered rox flawless eyes over 1 week ago for a birthday present for my mum. I still haven’t recieved this and recieved a call yesterday regarding my order. Only to tell me that my order will not be processed no fault of my own, for some reason the call was disconnected and he didn’t call me back. I am not happy about this as it was a birthday present could someone please call me about my order ASAP or provide me with a contact number.



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